About me.

I believe life is all about connection, finding magical moments, and achieving great things together. Instead of adding more noise, thoughtful design is an opportunity to offer impact minded solutions that nurture those ideas and support the pursuit of humanity’s best endeavors.

Based in Austin, Texas, I love making things, jamming out to music, traveling the world, learning from new perspectives, and finding adventures in the every day. I find great joy in coffee shops and meeting new people so let’s meet up and talk about great design. Connect on LinkedIn


For the love of humanity

Put people first. Whether it’s with family, friends, coworkers, or random coffee shop mates,  relationships are one of the greatest gifts we have. Same goes for users. The better we get to know who they are as humans - their hopes and dreams, their questions, their pains, the realities of their daily context, and their potential - the better the products we will offer to them. If we keep the focus on people as well as the long term effects of the technologies we introduce to them, positive impact will surely follow, for humanity and for the planet.

We're in this experience together

Collaboration is necessary to finding the best solutions possible. Though I may be the lead designer for an experience, above all I think of myself as a curator. I believe listening is one of my greatest tools and I strive to bring out the best in people through doing so. I love hearing ideas from my team and other stakeholders, discovering themes, identifying exciting opportunities, and weaving all those ideas with the user perspective to deliver something truly valuable. 

It's really that simple

Essentialism is the key to happy design and happy lives. Having too many things or trying to do too much for too many people leads to having too much to maintain which is not scalable for software nor for the pursuit of happiness. When we continually ask “why”, we are empowered to find confidence in a point of view so we can let go of all the noise and offer full focus to our passions or a clear product idea. The best performing designs echo this in their use of streamlined, intuitive paths to make the UI almost fade away and instead bring the human aspects of the task or the content forward.

Be wonder full

Stay curious and find awe in the answers. As soon as we begin taking things too seriously, we miss the opportunity to find wonder and delight in our designs and in the world around us. People appreciate magical moments that break the monotony, are authentic, show empathy, inspire them, or make them feel a part of something. Maintaining a childlike wonder, humility, openness, and sense of creativity will bring more success than ideologies or ego ever could.  

Do the dance

Live a great story and dance your way through it. Choose iteration over perfection and do the work to grow and push ideas into a poetic symphony. Enjoy the journey as much as the achievements or the delivery. Keep learning, making, and sharing to help get lost in the music of it all and find your flow.

... and don't forget to breathe

Pushing “pause” might be the best thing we can do for ourselves each day. To achieve all of the above, it will take a lot of awareness and peace of mind. Take a step back, take care of yourself, and find gratitude in the ups and downs of it all. Consider your effect on others as well as the long term implications of a problem or solution you’re working on. Don’t lose sight of why you’re here or why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.  

*These are reminders to myself every day for both creating thoughtful product designs and for living life. I am a continual work in progress.