Civitas Learning 

DEC 2016 - AUG 2017


Using powerful data to drive more meaningful conversations between advisors and students.


At Civitas, the mission is to help 1 million more students graduate. Through predictive data, their products help assess which students are at risk to graduate. Communicating with students and driving positive outcomes is the central goal of an advisor’s job. Through workflow tools that are guided by contextual data, my work was focused around taking out the guesswork and helping advisors take action that leads to increased impact.


Data driven student profile


Advisor messaging app 


The advisor ecosystem (Civitas' products + other tools) and their key processes

As the Civitas UX team looked to redesign our products across the board, I led the redesign of our advisor products. Using both heurisitics and customer interviews, we identified key themes we needed to achieve in the redesign. These included providing actionable data in the right context, workflows that were easy to use while in conversation on the phone or in person with a student, reducing the number of tabs and tools an advisor had to switch between, and meeting accessibility requirements. 

As a part of this redesign, our scrum team (product manager, engineers, and myself) launched a brand new scheduling product. Through agile methodology, we were able to design, develop, and launch this product from scratch in a tight timeline. 

  • Customer discovery interviews 
  • On-site observation of advisors in their workplace
  • Heurisitic evaluation of existing app
  • Workflow diagrams and studies 
  • Design concepts and iteration

Thank you.