A collection of artful experiments and a journey together towards greater connection


Lifetarium is a personal endeavor and passion project in which I’m exploring thoughtful design as a means of steering us away from our devices or using them more purposefully to create real and wondrous experiences, especially those that create meaningful connections between unexpected individuals.

Lifetarium aims to help members recharge their soul, choose real connection, and tune into new harmonies. Through the care of our own souls and awakening to new ones, we can all radiate a little more light into the world.


Group Meditation App

After selecting a themed room, each with its own mood and ambient soundtrack, users enter a virtual meditation space in which they are united with other souls who have chosen the same room. They are given no information about the other members of the space so that they can focus on sharing in an unbiased and non-judgmental meditation energy together.

Hearten Mobile App

Users can create gifts for friends by sending personalized messages in the form of constellations. Based on the number of stars and chosen frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), the person receiving the message will gradually receive the stars in the constellation (and their corresponding messages) one by one.

The more constellations they receive over time, the more their “skies” will fill up with encouragement they can refer back to when they need it most.



I am currently working on finishing out the full branding (logo, typography, color palette, and illustration style) for use on our website and blog. In addition, I am building a design system we can use across products to help us launch and iterate ideas faster.

Thank you.