Mass Relevance : Social Viz

JUL 2012 - JUL 2014


Creating social visualizations that drive conversation between brands and their audience

As a part of the Mass Relevance Custom Solutions team, I worked closely with top brands to help drive engagement through compelling visualizations of aggregated social content. We included call-to-actions that encouraged more user generated content, thus increasing the total reach of the brand’s social investment.



In venue Social Mosaic and Map for their social team to take on tour. 

The New York Times 

Custom Social Hub for the launch of the International New York Times


Citi Mastercard and American Airlines

Flock-to-Unlock Contest for Mastercard Priceless Cities where social followers could reveal the artist, date, and location of a unique concert experience. 

MTV and Revlon

Leaderboard shown on air during the MTV Movie Awards, sponsored by Revlon.


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