Mockingbird Domestics 

SEP 2013 - SEP 2016


Furniture design studio and retail store that uses the best of Texas to promote joyful living

Since its conception in 2012, I have worked with the team at Mockingbird to develop an identity that captures their Texas roots and attention to fine craftsmanship. In the process of designing their e-commerce redesign, I led them through whiteboard sessions to better define their brand values, how they differentiate themselves from other retailers, and how they can use social media to better promote their story of “joyful living”.

Identity design

Design for Mockingbird Domestics logo as well as logos for other lines and products featured at their store. 


E-commerce web design

I designed the e-commerce portion of their website and added a Mockingbird Made section to highlight their studio design portfolio.

I also created style guide with new typography system, color palette, UI elements & interactions.

Thank you.