JUL 2014 - DEC 2016


Using social analytics to help brands understand the social landscape and improve their storytelling

Spredfast Campaign Planner

Create a framework that allows social media teams to collaborate on the strategy and ideation of a campaign, communicate and execute the content production needed, schedule the campaign pieces across multiple channels, and then measure the performance of the entire campaign.

  • On-site observation of advisors in their workplace
  • Heurisitic evaluation of existing app
  • Workflow diagrams and studies 
  • Design concepts and iteration

Spredfast Visibility

Show a holistic view of the ROI of a social campaign on a number of platforms and how a brand ranks amongst competitors. Through understanding the commonalities and uniquenesses of each individual platform, we can help brands better invest across each.


Spredfast Almanac

Recommend events for brands to capitalize on as well as which to avoid to make their social presence more relevant.


Thank you.