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Helping our customers win online through thoughtful resdesign of our platform to consist of highly intuitive, effortless experiences that win the hearts and minds of agencies and developers


The newly formed UX team has been working on a full redesign of all our existing products. I contributed to much of the style and design of our new design system and we are now using this design system to not only provide a more consistent, more accessible UI, but also to improve the user experience as our customers look to us to setup, build, launch, maintain, and optimize their WordPress experiences the best way possible.

I was also part of an extensive research project in which we used customer research and data to present recommendations to leadership on how we might invest the $250 million Silver Lake investment from a product perspective.


Designing a customer inspired way forward

Currently using our new design system to provide UX vision for how we can use automation and guided experiences to create the fastest and most trustworthy setup experience for new and migrated sites on our powerful hosting platform.

  • Concept testing with customers 
  • Wireframes and mockups that show concepts for future improvements including improved IA, more holistic onboarding for customers in the first 30 days, and more efficient setup flows
Current SSL Workflow

Evaluating the existing experience  

In order to provide a better future experience, I’ve been mapping out our existing flows and noting where customer pain points and support issues are occurring. Through these learnings, I have been proposing good/better/best solutions that will deliver immediate customer value while also driving us towards a North Star. These UX evaluations have also surfaced architectural improvements the engineering team could make to help us better match user needs and expectations.

  • Heuristic evaluations 
  • User flow diagrams 
  • Usability testing of the current flows  
  • Internal stakeholder interviews
  • Documented hypotheses, assumptions, and risks  
  • Documented pain points with proposed solutions for incremental delivery

Simplifying complex integrations and workflows

Our advanced developer users are using the open source nature of the WordPress CMS to create their own unique digital experience ecosystems. We concept tested ways in which we can bring together their stack of various integrations in a way that helps them setup these integrations faster and manage their team workflows.


  • Customer discovery interviews and concept testing 
  • User flows to understand developer toolkit 

Thank you.